Mother’s Day, belated

I can’t let May pass without a note about mothers. Mine was wonderful. My husband’s is superb. Then their are the many other mothers I watch and learn from, my sisters included. 

All of these women, super human. The more I mother, the more I realize their super powers. Patience, independence, creativity, trust in God, the ability to worry without showing it, the need to work beyond exhaustion, kindness and understanding, and love. 

I’ve got a group of boys under my purview that require all of the things I’ve mentioned above but which I’m still working on. Except for love. I’ve got the love thing down. 



These spring days have been perfect for doing anything outside. We had some rain while Oliver was at school and the younger boys were loving it. Ian got soaked. 

Ansel started whistling and singing “I’m singing in the rain!” I couldn’t believe he knew all the words.  Turns out, Ansel had just come home from practicing his preschool program and that number was a big part of it. 

This guy did great at his program. The whistling, the singing. The best!

We went on a hike one Sunday afternoon. We saw lots of beetles. 

And threw rocks in the creek. It was a beautiful day.  This kid walked most of the way. I was impressed.

Can’t get enough of these days!